January 29, 2024

According to a story on CNN, baby boomers aren’t selling their ‘Macmansions’ in the burbs. You know, those 2-story, 4-5-bedroom homes with that obligatory media room, nowadays known as the ‘man cave.’ There’s a host of financial reasons why many boomers are not selling but one non-financial reason makes the most sense. A new study finds that boomer parents still need that big house for everyone who’s coming home; A rare public admission from N. Korea’s Kim Jong Un that his country is in trouble; One mode of transportation for cross-country travel for the low-income, or those who fear flying, is quickly coming to an end; Ever hear about Amelia Earhart? One of the first mysteries to grip the country may finally be solved; Looking forward to when the cold and rain disappear so you can get back out into nature? A new app now makes it easier to avoid that pesky plant that makes you itch all over; and American ex-pats in Mexico are raising the alarm over what they see China doing in our southern neighbor. Go beyond the headlines…

Almost 60% of parents still giving their adult kids money, while majority of adult kids live at home: survey

Kim Jong Un Warns North Korea Reaching Poverty Crisis

Trump White House pharmacy improperly provided drugs and misused funds, Pentagon report says

Viral layoff videos reflect a sea change in work culture

Greyhound stations were once a big part of America. Now, many of them are being shut

Amelia Earhart’s long-lost plane possibly detected by sonar 16,000 feet underwater, exploration team claims

Lions making fewer zebra kills due to ‘chain reaction’ involving invasive ants

AI app detects poison ivy

Many Costa Ricans welcome court ruling that they don’t have to use their father’s surname first

Wake up North America! The flood of Chinese investment in Mexico is real

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