January 28, 2020

With the Supreme Court’s disappointing decision on letting the Trump administration keep out those immigrants who can’t prove they already have a job, WalletHub releases a state-by-state analysis, with video, of just how big an impact immigration is to local economies; One Mexican insurance agency has a new deal for Americans who go to Mexico for medical visits; New study shows 1/3 of Americans experienced this in 2018; and Children and teens fill a void in one Mexican town. Go beyond the headlines…

Economic Impact of Immigration by State (video)

Latinos mourn Kobe Bryant, who he said were first to embrace him in Los Angeles

Mexico insurance company rolls out ‘medical tourism’ coverage for Americans seeking affordable treatment south of border

A Cuban Man Has Become The Sixth Immigrant To Die In ICE Custody Since October

Glass frogs reappear in Bolivia after 18 years

One-third of Americans experienced poor air quality due to pollution in 2018: study

Antarctica’s biggest glacier still losing ice, thinning in a new way

‘Hairpods’ dispense product with magnetic pulses

Children and teens police streets in southern Mexican town

Guatemala’s Age-Old Indigenous Theater Helps Youth Break Language Barriers

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