January 30, 2024

One major problem with the GOP is that there are too many wanna-be-Trumps in the ranks. These pathetic clones mimic his lies, his disregard to decorum and the law and, worst of all, embrace dictators and lawbreakers over those who follow democratic morals and the law. The latest example is Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. In a state full of ego-driven clones who camouflage their Trumpian aspirations by being tough on the little person, whether it’s a long-traveled migrant, a pregnant Texan or whistle-blowers who call out their deceit, Abbott seems to be jockying for Trump’s praise. So, what he’s been accused of doing by LULAC, a national Latino rights group, isn’t surprising — just downright disgusting; Climate change is having a real effect on the poorest countries of the world. Just see what’s happening in Sierra Leone; I think most of us have given up on the idea that schools are a safe haven for our children. The latest FBI report validates our skepticism; and Most of us know diet is everything to changing our health, for better or worse. Yet, for people with mental illness, one diet change is even astonishing scientists. Go beyond the headlines…

Schools are the third most common location for hate crimes: FBI

In Sierra Leone, climate change worsens human trafficking of the poor

Texas’s Abbott encouraging criminal white extremists to come to border, Latino rights group says

Americans Rack Up $19 Billion in Credit Card Debt in One Month

Patients say keto helps with their mental illness. Science is racing to understand why

Elon Musk says Neuralink installs brain implant in first patient

Physicists Discover Evidence of Time Being Reversible in Glass

Arc Search combines browser, search engine, and AI into something new and different

El Salvador’s Bukele looks set for landslide election win on gang crackdown

Mexico City holds first bullfight since 2022

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