January 4, 2024

Countries around the world share in the struggle of stemming the onslaught of migrants arriving on their doorsteps. Rather than figuring out how to take advantage of the situation, too many countries, ours included, are reactive and think that just deporting these people will solve the problem. It’s a stupid strategy and shows just how dumb humanity can be. If people were compelled enough to leave all that they knew in the first place for a traumatic journey with an uncertain future, what makes anyone think they won’t try again, and again, and again? Well, one country finally figured out that the undocumented migrants in their country can be useful but not for the usual reason of helping the economy. No, they’re being used for the one thing that just may deter illegal migration; Homelessness is on the rise and here are the states where it’s the most acute; Having trouble staying on track with your New Year’s resolutions? Here’s one (more) smart goal strategy; and An interesting research project was done examining AI and satellite imagery to map ocean activities taking place ‘out of sight.’ What it reveals is not surprising but the extent is off the charts. Go beyond the headlines…

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2,500-year-old human remains found in Mexico’s Nuevo León cave

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