January 5, 2024

Ever since Trump came onto the political scene, his supporters have been referred to as being brainwashed or belonging to a cult. His demand for unwavering loyalty, his declarations that he is above the common rule of law, like he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and get away with it, and his blatant use of lies and vengeance to excite and radicalize his followers have all the hallmarks of a cult leader/dictator. So, the results of a new poll that finds Republicans “seriously” view Trump as “the Greatest Person of Faith” is not surprising but so disturbing and frightening; North Korea just fired a barrage of artillery shells near their border with South Korea, causing their neighbor to call for evacuations near the affected area. Clearly, Kim Jong Un feels emboldened and sees himself on equal footing with the bigger players of high-end weaponry. After all, Un has been supplying missiles to Russia to use against Ukraine and has been amping up his war rhetoric in recent weeks. It’s clear he wants a fight but does he feel he now has the support from Russia, and possibly China? Or are the three concocting a trifecta attack on the US and our allies?; Maybe because the US is the longest example of a ‘melting pot’ that it’s no surprise hate crimes surged last year; and Water is becoming increasingly scarce in parts of the world and is central to a growing number of conflicts. Go beyond the headlines…

New Poll Finds Republicans Seriously Think Trump Is the Greatest Person of Faith

North Korea Artillery Shelling Sparks South’s Evacuation Order

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Water increasingly at the center of conflicts from Ukraine to the Middle East

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Mexican cartel provided wifi to locals – with threat of death if they didn’t use it

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