January 8, 2023

Since 2008, when ‘extreme’ third-party politicians (remember Sarah Palin and the Tea Party?) dared to break the monopoly of our traditional two-party system, US political campaigns have devolved from civility to chaos, trust to mistrust and excitement to dread. With the Democrats shoring up the concept of democracy and Maga Republicans intent on dismantling it — to better serve the agenda of the current GOP frontrunner — we find many of the rights we never thought of as a right but as everyday living, suddenly either taken away or under threat. Whether it be abortion rights, transgender rights, same-sex marriages, public school funding, common sense gun laws, university admissions, voting access, climate laws, children’s books, etc, the pillars of our unique democracy have the potential to disappear. Many of these pillars are now on the US Supreme Court docket and the justices, of which the majority are identified as conservative, will have the final say as to whether or not our democracy will remain a way of life or not; Carrying credit card debt? You’re not alone and the country is in a crisis because of it; Ever wondered what are the most borrowed books at the nation’s libraries? and Just what we need, a new ‘alligator-like lizard.’ Scientists discover this new species hanging in the trees in this nearby country. Go beyond the headlines…

Nearly 300,000 lives could be saved in the next decade if states followed California’s example on gun laws, study says

An Al Jazeera journalist is the fifth member of his family killed by Israeli strikes on Gaza

70 years after Brown vs. Board of Education, public schools still deeply segregated

America’s Credit Card Debt Crisis

3 novel legal arguments by Republicans that threaten the Voting Rights Act in 2024

Public Libraries Reveal the Most Borrowed Books From 2023

Cult mentality: Professor makes monumental discovery in Italy

Harvard’s robotic exoskeleton can improve walking, decrease falls in people with Parkinson’s

Colombia, Ecuador bust drug ring exporting five tons of cocaine a month

Scientists find new ‘alligator-like’ lizard hanging up to 60 feet in the air on tree branches in Mexico

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