January 8, 2020

A hallmark of this administration is that it often positions itself at the ‘eye’ of a hurricane of newsworthy events. It’s often said that this President purposely creates chaos to distract from those events that will harm him politically and personally. I don’t give him that much credit. Unfortunately for us all, Trump is someone who thrives on chaos and it merely reflects the inner workings of his unpredictable mental state. So, while the US finds itself with escalated tensions with Iran, Trump’s administration faces impending impeachment trial, another call for disaster aid for Puerto Rico (Trump signed off on it last night), violence against Americans in Mexico and allegations that even after the Supreme Court rejected the administration’s desire to ask a citizenship question on US Census, they kept trying to figure out how to do it anyway. Not to mention the rest of the news happening in the world — today. Go beyond the headlines…

Florida senators press Trump to declare disaster funding for Puerto Rico earthquakes

American Family Shot At In Mexico, 13-Year-Old Killed. FBI Offers Help In Probe

Census studied citizenship question even after losing in Supreme Court

Remembering American saint Elizabeth Seton’s legacy and how it continues to inspire work with immigrants

U.S. Basketball Plays To Score And Win In Mexico

US Latinos disproportionately affected by psoriatic disease severity

$1 increase in minimum wage linked to 3.5-6% fall in suicide rate

New styling app Mada wants to be Tinder for shopping

Mexican Christmas Pastry Measuring Nearly 2 Miles Earns Guinness Record

Building Culture: New Architecture Reshaping Tradition in Peru

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