July 10, 2024

The Republican National Convention released its party platform and it’s as vile as the infamous Project 2025. It touts mass deportations, canceling regulations that keep Corporate America in check over pollution violations and, among the most worrisome – declares ‘fetal personhood.’ In other words, a nationwide abortion ban, though a new survey shows that stance could be enough to torpedo GOP aspirations; With all the hand-wringing and doomsayers of AI adoption, it seems the US doesn’t even lead the world in adopting the technology; What has got Fed Chair Jerome Powell cautious about the future?; People who move to gated communities think they’re living in a safe bubble but research is revealing the opposite is happening; and Scientists discover there is one thing that everyone can do to lengthen their lives. Go beyond the headlines…

Support rising for access to abortions for any reason: Survey

China leads the world in adoption of generative AI, survey shows

Under increasing pressure to migrate, more women are dying at the US-Mexico border

High inflation is no longer only risk for U.S. economy: Fed chair Powell

Extreme heat waves broiling the planet in 2024 aren’t normal: How climate change is heating up weather around the world

Living in America’s wealthiest communities may not make you safer

Gratitude May Help You Live Longer, Scientists Discover

‘Pulpit AI’ aims to help pastors use artificial intelligence to preach beyond Sunday services

Ancient skeletons found near Mexico City tell story of pre-Columbian women warriors

The Guatemalan Chefs Revitalizing Indigenous Mayan Ingredients

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