July 9, 2024

A fourth-grader is smart enough to realize that women’s rights aren’t what they used to be. In fact, sexual exploitation is now at new heights across the country. Is it the fault of MAGA and the GOP, or is it a more complex issue rooted in societal changes and the persistent struggle for equality? The question remains controversial, with many arguing that political and cultural shifts have exacerbated the problem, while others point to longstanding systemic issues that have yet to be fully addressed. Regardless of the cause, the urgency to combat sexual exploitation and protect women’s rights has never been greater because the future of every fourth-grade girl depends on it; Heard of Project 2025? It’s the playbook of delusional conservatives intent on undoing the evolution of our country into one of the greatest democratic nations in the world — and, not surprisingly, it’s Trump’s new Bible; After years of deflecting and dismissing, NASA is suddenly embracing the need to understand UFOs; and University of Michigan researchers created a wearable device that blocks 99.8% of airborne pathogens. Go beyond the headlines…

New gold standard survey shows alarmingly high rate of sexual exploitation across the US

How this year of elections is set to reshape global politics

Project 2025: inside Trump’s ties to the rightwing policy playbook

Why the world needs more working women

NASA says more science and less stigma are needed to understand UFOs

Wearable Invisible Air Shield Blocks 99.8% Of Airborne Pathogens

‘The last 12 months have broken records like never before’: Earth exceeds 1.5 C warming every month for entire year

This App Will Create Unique Daily Walking Loops for You

Indigenous languages including Maya, Zapotec and Nahuatl added to Google Translate

In Peru, remains of wealthy pre-Inca people unearthed at ancient capital

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