July 11, 2024

It’s all about the economy. At least, according to a recent survey revealing that 36 percent of people have a side hustle, highlighting a growing trend in supplementary income sources; NATO has pledged an “irreversible path” for Ukraine’s membership, strengthening the alliance’s commitment and ensuring Putin’s wrath; Changes in foreclosure processes are expected under a new rule, potentially impacting homeowners; Meanwhile, used car prices are plummeting, with electric vehicles experiencing the sharpest decline; In a surprising turn, American voters show significant agreement on contentious issues. Goes to show we’re more alike than our differences; It seems algorithms used by universities to predict student success may be racially biased. Surprise, surprise she writes sarcastically; Advances in medical testing now offer highly accurate early detection of dementia; And how did AI and soccer aid Indigenous artisans in creating a masterpiece? Go beyond the headlines…

36 percent in new survey say they have side hustle

Nato vows ‘irreversible path’ to Ukraine membership

Foreclosures to Change Under New Rule

Used car prices plunging: EVs hit the hardest

Surprise: American voters actually largely agree on many issues, including topics like abortion, immigration and wealth inequality

Study: Algorithms used by universities to predict student success may be racially biased

New Test Could Tell if You Have Early Signs of Dementia With High Accuracy

Spotify is no longer just a streaming app, it’s a social network

How soccer and AI helped Indigenous artisans create a masterpiece

El Salvador’s State of Emergency Blamed for Orphaning 176 Children, Says NGO

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