July 18, 2022

One particular act over the weekend illustrates how GOP state conventions are passing horrific amendments to their party platforms clearly recognizing only one demographic as being ‘American.’ The Idaho GOP rejected an amendment to their party platform allowing abortions to save a woman’s life. The fact that women are dispensable in Idaho and our lives are so little valued by this party contributes to the wake-up call we all should be hearing: Extremists have seized control of the GOP in city and state legislatures, Congress and the judicial branch and if we don’t begin voting them out of office, the future of this country will be bleak; So, what exactly is the immigration deal the Senate is working on; After 25 years, two Latino brothers were finally exonerated. They spent half their lives in jail because of a dirty cop, and the ironic ring he was protecting; Scientists say new satellite data is showing disturbing trends with the world’s forests; and Brazil’s poorest just hit ‘paydirt’ in tackling hunger. Go beyond the headlines…

Jan. 6 committee to make case for Trump crimes

Federal judge blocks Education Department’s Title IX guidance that protects transgender students

Idaho Republicans Reject Amendment Allowing Abortion to Save Woman’s Life

The Senate is nearing a deal on immigration that could also lower food prices

Two Latino Brothers Exonerated For Murder In Case Tied To A Cop Investigated By BuzzFeed News

BA.5 doesn’t care that you just had Covid-19

Satellite study shows most forests around the world are becoming less resilient to change

New App, Bitewell, Helps Sort Meals by Nutritional Goals

Brazil: Rio’s residents garden their way out of hunger

Drought in northern Mexico threatening livelihoods

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