July 15, 2022

As countries contemplate a future with tightened grain and oil supplies, courtesy of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, global backlash against Russia is intensifying. Forty-five countries just signed a pact to punish Russia for something Russia continually lies about; By all accounts, the midterm elections and beyond don’t look good for Democrats but there’s one particular demographic that worries the White House; A ‘moving’ art installation rolled up to Ted Cruz’s house to drive home an important issue; What if there was a gallery where all the stolen paintings from museums around the world were housed? There is — online; And Mexico’s president secured a commitment from Biden that left him smiling. Go beyond the headlines…

45 countries sign a pact to punish Russian war crimes; 2.5 million people have been moved from Ukraine to Russia, UK says

White House faces disaster with young voters

Jan. 6 panel aims to “reconstruct” deleted Secret Service texts

A Mile-Long Procession Of Buses Carried Items From School Shooting Victims To Ted Cruz’s House

What the data says about abortion in the U.S.

Kids Don’t Know Enough About Plants’ Answer to Climate Change: Scientists

Webb begins hunt for the first stars and habitable worlds

Five Stolen Paintings Go on Display in Virtual Reality

Colombia and Peru: Abandoned by the state in host countries, Venezuelan women face increasing gender-based violence

Mexico says U.S. will increase work visas for Mexicans, Central Americans

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