July 20, 2022

‘Tipping point’ is a buzzword gaining momentum these days. We constantly hear: climate change is at a tipping point; inflation is at a tipping point; the Russian invasion is at a tipping point, etc. And now, we learn of one thing that is no longer at a tipping point but starting all over again — COVID!; Experts can’t predict enough gloom for the US housing market; Why did the Secret Service delete texts around Jan. 6 and if Trump verbally and physically attacked his Secret Service agents?; One researcher explains the difference between book banning by the Nazis and school boards, and it’s scarier than we think; What if there was an Airbnb for dogs? Yup, you guessed it; and We think inflation is bad in the US but some Latin American countries have been enduring it before us and what’s happening there could be a window into our own future. Go beyond the headlines…

Covid cases are skyrocketing again. States have no new plans.

CDC stops reporting cruise ship COVID cases

‘Grim Outlook’ for Housing Market as U.S. Unlikely to Fix Shortage: Expert

Secret Service Jan. 6 texts erased despite Congress’ request

Monsters are everywhere in the Bible – and some are even human

What’s behind all the book banning?

Action Needed To Avoid Mass Extinction, Say Global Team Of Experts

A New App Helps You Book Private Dog Parks For Your Shy Or Reactive Pups

Mexico’s tourist train endangers some of its oldest pre-historic sites

In Argentina’s trash cans, less waste reflects ravages of inflation

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