July 21, 2020

The latest COVID-19 maps showing the uncontrolled surges in infection rates are mainly in those states run by Republican governors. New polls show how American voters are correlating that failure to the GOP party and its leader. Now, there’s a new failure looming on the horizon for the GOP that isn’t just a failure of leadership but will impact millions of children returning to school; And that’s not all. The nation’s seniors and disabled are on borrowed time when it comes to healthcare; How to pay for services is a common global dilemma but one town in El Salvador has found the answer. Go beyond the headlines…

Millions of kids may lose out on free meals as they return to school

Poorest Americans drink a lot more sugary drinks than the richest – which is why soda taxes could help reduce gaping health inequalities

Another Problem On The Health Horizon: Medicare Is Running Out Of Money

Constitutional law experts see federal officers’ actions in Portland as a ‘red flag’

Public Encouraged To Participate In Latino Conservation Week

Blacks, Latinos and the poor less likely to get $1,200 coronavirus stimulus checks, new report says

Homes of wealthy Americans have carbon footprints 25% higher than lower-income residences

Free VC training platform launches to tackle industry’s diversity problem

This El Salvador Village Adopts Bitcoin As Money

Desperate for work, these immigrants collect the bodies of Covid-19 victims in Peru

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