July 22, 2020

A popular mantra parroted by politicians used to be “We’ve come a long way,” usually referring to how far the nation has come since the days of Jim Crow, Texas Ranger lynchings of Mexican Americans or the internment of Japanese Americans, among other examples. The Black Lives Matters protests underscore just how false that narrative really is. Cases in point: A Black teen didn’t do her online homework and a Michigan judge sentenced her to juvenile detention; Childcare is exposed as a bastion of racial disparities; Trump administration’s hatred of undocumented immigrants marches on; and Facebook and Instagram acknowledge racial bias against Latinos and Blacks on their platforms. Here’s what they’re doing about it. Go beyond the headlines…

“The jobs aren’t there”: Why cutting off enhanced unemployment benefits would leave workers in the lurch

Judge Won’t Free Black Michigan Teenager Sent to Juvenile Detention After Not Doing Online Schoolwork

How the child care crisis is magnifying racial disparities

Trump Doesn’t Want Undocumented Immigrants To Count In Deciding How Many Seats States Get In Congress

New teachers mistakenly assume Black students are angry

It ‘Looks Very Scary For Renters’ As Federal Eviction Relief Expiration Nears

2020 Is Our Last, Best Chance to Save the Planet

Study sheds light on the source of unease and tension to help effectively treat anxiety

Facebook and Instagram to study racial bias against African Americans, Hispanics on their platforms

Femicides rise in Mexico as president cuts budgets of women’s shelters

Brazil’s beef and soy exports to the EU linked to illegal deforestation, study finds

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