July 27, 2023

Bienvenidos to our new reality! In acknowledgement of the sweltering temps, the Biden administration has issued the first-ever alert of its kind. Unfortunately, it’s an alert already cemented into our vernacular; So, what were North Korea, Russia and China doing when they all got together recently?; For the first time in 22 years, the Fed has raised the interest rate to a level that is bound to hit us all soon; The House of Rep. held their hearing on UFOs. Several revelations underscore just how the US government can operate a secret program without even telling their commanders; and If you are as infuriated as most rational, secure people that a few ignorant loudmouths can intimidate libraries enough to get books banned, there’s a new app just for you. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden issues first ever heat wave “hazard alert” for workers

North Korea, China and Russia commemorate ‘victory’ 70 years ago, while aligning on Ukraine

Fed raises interest rates to highest level in 22 years

CDC data shows where rates of heat-related illness are highest

Five Key Takeaways From the Congressional Hearing on UFOs

Ocean currents vital for distributing heat could collapse by midcentury, study says

Ancient DNA reveals diverse community in ‘Lost City of the Incas’

Readers Can Now Access Books Banned in Their Area for Free With New App

Mexico working with U.S. on refugee plan for migrants in southern Mexico

Over 230 people get puzzling neurological disorder in Peru; emergency declared

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