July 27, 2020

The 100-day countdown to the US presidential election is now underway (it’s now, as of today, 99 days) and Democrats are enthusiastic about the small lead Biden has over Trump. Yet, in such a pivotal election, where the future of the nation is literally at stake, small leads mean nada! The only way to force Trump from office is that there be a Biden landslide come election day. A landslide strips the GOP, and especially Trump, of claiming voter fraud. If he tries to remain in office, he will have to reveal his true authoritarian intentions and then, chances hopefully are, his own party will rebel. One of the driving factors to defeating Trump may be the single issue he used to initially divide the country – immigration. New poll shows how this issue is producing swing voters in some critical states; The US Poison Control Center just revealed a disturbing trend; and An iconic archeological site in Peru just celebrated 109 years of rediscovery — and nobody showed up. Go beyond the headlines…

Exclusive poll: Where immigration could swing critical 2020 voters

Statues topple and a Catholic church burns as California reckons with its Spanish colonial past

“I Felt Alone”: The Story Of How An Immigrant Teenager Fought To Stay In The US While Under Guard In A Texas Hotel

Feminist, Nonbinary Collective Portrays Latin American Culture In Unique Fashion

How Latino dads are using TikTok to connect with their children

New Mexico adds 10 plants to rare species list

Study finds increase in number, severity of suicide-related calls to US Poison Control

New app to match people of color with therapists of the same background

Brazil tribes struggling to survive after dam burst to get day in court

Machu Picchu empty for 109-year anniversary as Peru virus cases soar

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