July 28, 2023

Is the Day of Reckoning descending on us in ‘waves’ of heat, water, earthquakes? It would seem so. Scientists have been warning lawmakers and businesses for years that this time would come. A former Vice President of the United States was ridiculed for talking about it. Now, we have precious little time left and yet those who could make a difference are acting like we have all the time in the world; Russia deployed a new weapon against Ukraine on the heels of declaring they have no intention of returning to the grain deal. One would think it’s time for Ukraine’s allies to rise up against Russia because withholding grain from the world is declaring war on all of us; Astronomers say a giant planet is lurking in our solar system; Costa Rica is the go-to escape country on most people’s bucket list. Sadly, it seems the small peace-loving country is catching up with the rest of the developed world when it comes to crime. Go beyond the headlines…

Humans ‘never experienced a world so hot in modern history,’ scientists say

Russia Deployed ‘Brand New’ Weapon To Curb Ukraine’s Counteroffensive—U.K.

A small group of ranchers helps illustrate Latinos’ shift away from Democrats

Wait, do you need a visa to go to Europe now? The new ETIAS requirements, explained

How to protect your dog from heatstroke

Meta-analysis finds vegetarian diets effective in lowering cholesterol, glucose and weight

A Giant Planet Seems to Be Lurking Unseen in Our Solar System

New app uses AI to show what your baby could look like, and some parents are saying resemblance is uncanny

Costa Rica’s Homicide Rate Soars to Record High

Laser mapping reveals a forgotten Maya city in the jungle

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