July 5, 2024

This year’s Fourth of July came and went — and that’s the problem. People, as usual, seemed more interested in seeing who won Nathan’s hot dog eating contest and watching fireworks rather than reflecting on why the government shuts down to allow us all to celebrate the anniversary of our nation’s founding. Given the deep polarization in the country, which I would venture hasn’t run as deep as it probably did leading up to the country’s only official Civil War, it’s no wonder many Americans feel detached from what it means to be an American. A new survey underscores how deep that detachment runs; The UK has a new party in power and a new Prime Minister. Listening to Keir Starmer’s Downing Street address as he arrived to assume his position, he conveyed that his party shall be known as “Country first, Party second.” How refreshing to hear and something we can only wish would happen on this side of the ‘pond’; What does it say that a study has found song melodies have become simpler since 1950? No deep thinkers in the music industry?; Do you have cognitive disengagement syndrome?; and Panama is about to begin their end of an agreement with the US, and it spells bad news for certain people looking for a better future. Go beyond the headlines…

American Pride Remains Near Record Low

While much of Europe embraces hard-right parties, the UK has swung wildly to the left. Here’s why

Leader of the pro-Trump Project 2025 suggests there will be a new American Revolution

US jobs report for June is likely to point to slower but still-solid hiring

Advocates for detained immigrants decry loss of free phone calls

Song melodies have become simpler since 1950, study suggests

Find It Hard to Focus? You May Have Cognitive Disengagement Syndrome

Fizz, the anonymous Gen Z social app, adds a marketplace for college students

The government of Cuba declares itself in a ‘war-time economy’

Panama to Begin Migrant Repatriations Following US Agreement

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