July 7, 2022

Late-day news yesterday revealed how Trump may have potentially abused his presidential powers by having two former FBI agents, who just happened to be critics of him, subjected to in-depth IRS audits. It’s serious enough that some law professors are opining the legal ramifications and others are stirred to launch a ‘Safeguarding Democracy’ project; Meanwhile, in a rare joint statement, the FBI and UK’s MI5 raised the global alarm over China; We love our cats and dogs and spend thousands of dollars on their healthcare. Now, a new ‘biobank’ will monitor data on pet health. Hopefully, for longer lives and less pain at the bank; and The Mexican cartel violence is so bad that now Catholic Mexican bishops are proposing a radical idea. Go beyond the headlines…

Elections expert launches ‘Safeguarding Democracy’ project

Trump Committed ‘Serious’ Crime If Found To Have Used IRS As Weapon: Law professor

Report: Justice Department probing Texas’ border mission

Heads of MI5, FBI give joint warning of growing threat from China

Politicians live longer than the populations they represent: new research

The Southbound Underground Railroad Brought Thousands of Enslaved Americans to Mexico

A massive pet “biobank” will study why cats and dogs get sick

Restaurants using new Uber-like app to find staff

Mexican bishop proposes “social pact” with drug traffickers to tackle violence in Mexico

What the U.S. can learn from abortion rights wins in Latin America

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