July 8, 2024

When you get together with your family and friends, what do you talk about? Politics? Celebrity gossip? Movies? Sports? Some inquisitive researchers set out to discover what we actually talk about with our ‘inner circles’ and found that there’s one topic that dominates — and it’s not what you think; French voters defeated a takeover of the country’s Far Right — and the world is celebrating. Let’s hope we can replicate that common sense in November; Friday’s job report shows something that’s music to the Fed’s ears and fills workers with dread; and A new study finds a surprising contributing factor to how well or not well a student does on a test. Go beyond the headlines…

What’s new with you? What Americans talk about with family and friends

Athletes, Celebrities, World Leaders, and More Celebrate France’s Rejection of the Far Right

Why some Republican-led states are limiting who can vote in party primaries

The labor market is losing steam

‘Fox News in Spanish’ Americano Media is plotting a comeback

Ancient Shipwreck Where Analog Computer Was Found Yields Fresh Secrets

High Ceilings in Buildings Linked to Poorer Exam Results For Students

Sololearn delivers a range of courses from AI to Python in one app

Mexico has become a testing ground for psychedelic therapies

Archaeologists in Chile race against time, climate change to preserve ancient mummies

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