June 1, 2023

The House passed the debt ceiling deal, as was expected in spite of all the theatrics. Now what?; Global analysts concur that US influence is waning around the world. That’s bad news for US but good news for the two nations that want to supplant US; What are AI chips? Whatever they are, investors see them as the next ‘gold’; There’s a correct way to argue and a wrong way. Researchers say, in the end, words matter; Is ChatGPT bias? It would be a miracle if it wasn’t since most AI tools that tap the Internet as its source of information isn’t exactly balanced in its perspective. But just how bias is it really?; and Always dreamed of mashing up your own music? There’s an app for that. Go beyond the headlines…

What you need to know about the debt ceiling deal

China and Russia’s Growing BRICS Bloc Speeds Decline of U.S. Influence

Hazardous air alerts are rising in unexpected places, thanks to climate change

AI chips are hot. Here’s what they are, what they’re for and why investors see gold

To have better disagreements, change your words 

Assessing political bias in large language models behind ChatGPT

New Device Generates Electricity From Thin Air

New app uses AI to enable anyone to make musical mashups

Venezuelan migrants disappear in Colombia

Mexico plans to launch an asylum processing app next week

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