June 2, 2023

So, the Senate helped keep the country from going into default. Too bad they wouldn’t do the same for all those drowning in student debt; Putin keeps blaming Ukraine for bringing, a taste of what Ukraine has endured under Putin’s unwarranted assault, into Russia’s house. The truth of who’s behind the drone attacks is a lot more complicated and telling; So, who won and who lost from the recent debt ceiling fight?; Most everyone’s heard that if you believe something, it will most likely come to pass. In some circles, it’s called manifesting. Scientists say if you think certain thoughts, then physical pain follows; and Water is running out around the world, and one South American country is already substituting for salt water. Go beyond the headlines…

Senate passes measure to halt Biden’s student debt forgiveness

Pro-Ukraine Russian soldiers bring taste of war to Putin’s doorstep again

US expands slots for asylum app at land crossings as demand overwhelms supply

5 winners and 5 losers from the debt ceiling deal

Edith Kanaka’ole is the first Hawaiian woman to grace a U.S. quarter

Optimal Protein Intake For Aging: Study Reveals The Key To Metabolic Health And Longevity

Thoughts Inside Your Head Can Unleash Physical Pain, Study Finds

This App Will Help You Find the Trendiest Places to Eat and Hang Out in Any Destination

Pre-Columbian sculpture found in Veracruz may depict female ruler

Uruguay capital reservoir nearly dry, officials adding salt water to public drinking supply

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