May 31, 2023

The first headline that caught my attention this morning leads the morning round-up. We need to ask ourselves why? Is this demographic more criminally inclined? Is the rampant wave of anti-semitism and racism sweeping the country catching this group in its net? Whatever the cause, it’s clear not enough attention, transparency or study has been given to this group, our gente. It’s time to apply the same academic research and study as is being applied to police interaction with Blacks. After all, lives, literally, are at stake; Think you know all there is to know about social security? Here’s a quiz to test your knowledge; Researchers say there’s one thing we can all do to make better decisions and it’s as easy as sitting still; A new app gives families with children suffering from ‘lazy eye’ new hope. Go beyond the headlines…

Rate of Latinos killed by police skyrockets

Ukraine war: Drones attack Russian oil refineries; Medvedev says British officials aiding Ukraine can be military targets

Can You Pass This Social Security Quiz? Nearly 7 in 10 People Struggle With These Basic Questions

Why more cities are hiring ‘night mayors’ and establishing forms of nighttime governance

Meditation could help you make better decisions

Plants can distinguish when touch starts and stops

Blood Test Predicts If Cognitively Healthy Elderly Will Develop Alzheimer’s

New app helps children with ‘lazy eye’ visual impairment

Melipona honey: the ancient Mayan elixir facing extinction

‘Defies all logic’: The Colombians living by a ‘toxic’ landfill

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