June 10, 2022

The first public airing of the most shameful act in US history in modern times revealed most (rational) Americans’ suspicions — there was one person responsible for the “carnage” and “chaos” and that was Donald J. Trump; The Summit of the Americas is underway in Los Angeles and the Biden admin hopes to make some news of their own. They’re starting with a new declaration; Is the US becoming a renter’s nation?; There’s one state ranked among all others as being the deadliest for Latino workers; NASA perpetually has to battle an image of being outdated, behind the curve, etc. Now, announcement of a new study does nothing to freshen that image; Do you know Mexico’s indigenous include over 60 different peoples in addition to the Aztec and Maya? There’s one place to learn all about them. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden to sign declaration aimed at addressing migrant flows

New research says inflation is rising faster than data suggests

Ukraine fears a long war might cause West to lose interest

Regardless of seditious conspiracy charges’ outcome, right-winggroups like Proud Boys seek to build a white nation

Rents across U.S. rise above $2,000 a month for the first time ever

Texas remains the deadliest state for Latino workers

NASA launches study seeking clues about UFOs

Technology enables messaging and app access without data or wifi

The must-see site to learn about all of Mexico’s other native peoples

Fears for Honduran children as poverty worsens pneumonia’s toll

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