June 13, 2022

The televised hearings of this century’s version of “a date that will live in infamy” continues with a morning showing of how ruthless some in the Trump admin, including Trump, conspired to stay in power and take our country as close as its ever been to an authoritarian regime; Finally, a few GOP senators discarded the misleading argument that passage of sensible gun laws is an attack on 2nd Amendment rights to sign on to a compromise, in principle, with their Dem colleagues. It’s a tiny step forward; Economists warning us all to get our financial house in order before next year; and New app launches featuring jobs in the climate industry and everything climate. Go beyond the headlines…

What’s in the bipartisan plan for gun control

What to expect from the second Jan. 6 committee hearing

US set for recession next year, economists predict

Russian forces pound Sievierodonetsk as fears grow for stranded civilians

Using Someone’s Pronouns Respectfully Isn’t Complicated. Here Are BuzzFeed News’ Guidelines.

‘Forever chemicals’ linked to high blood pressure in middle-aged women: study

European ‘star survey’ reveals celestial treasure trove

First look: Climate careers platform raises money, launches app

Families of assassinated reporters in Mexico face emotional, economic hardships

Agrarian unions warn of a serious food crisis in Peru exacerbated by corruption

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