June 9, 2022

Tonight begins the second part of the historical record(ing) of the attempt on Jan. 6, 2021 to overthrow our most prized democratic convention — the transfer of presidential power. Though the proceedings will be televised in Prime Time on most stations (FOX has stated they will limit their coverage), the sad reality is that many will probably not even watch, and that could be the canary in the coal mine for the future of our democracy; However, there is some good news about what Americans do care about and that’s gun laws that prevent mass shootings; The Ukrainian war is producing a byproduct that will keep Putin’s misdeeds alive for future generations; An interesting question: Do school resource officers protect children or criminalize behavior?; New app is making outdoors more accessible wherever you travel; and Does Mexico share with the US freemason roots? Go beyond the headlines…

72 percent of Americans more likely to vote after recent mass shooting: NPR poll

Exclusive: CEOs call on Senate to pass gun legislation

War rap: In Ukraine, an angry voice for a furious generation

Conservative Supreme Court justices disagree about how to read the law

Do school police officers mainly protect kids or criminalize behavior?

Leaked Harvard report finds school possess remains of enslaved people, thousands of Native Americans

Women Often ‘Feel The Cold’ More Than Men. This Could Be Why

New app makes outdoors more accessible

Is Freemasonry’s role in Mexican history a secret in plain sight?

Ancient Guatemalan pits shed light on Maya tamales and indoor toilets

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