June 11, 2024

The recent liberation of 4 Israeli hostages that resulted in the deaths of over 200 innocent women, children and men begs scrutiny of how that much loss of life justifies the rescue of 4 people? Especially, if confirmed, additional Israeli hostages may have been killed in the rescue. The staggering loss of Palestinian life is an attack of biblical proportions where both sides must share the blame, however justified the motives. News reports say that Hamas is finally accepting a resolution for a ceasefire. The choice as to whether or not accept has long disappeared. While Hamas will be punished, the question everyone is waiting to see resolved is how will Israel pay for its crimes as well; What does it say about a society where almost half of the people confess to committing a minor crime?; Scientists made a surprising discovery about a simple organism with the power to save the world; Wonder just how hot it will be 5, 10 15 years from now? There’s an app for that! Go beyond the headlines…

New Survey Reveals More Than 40% of Adults Have Shoplifted

Hamas, Palestinian authority welcome UN Security Council resolution for Gaza ceasefire

FBI figures show drop in violent crime

The U.S. Economy Reaches Superstar Status

Laws meant to keep different races apart still influence dating patterns, decades after being invalidated

New discovery reveals that ocean algae unexpectedly help cool the Earth

One Stage of Sleep Seems to Be Critical For Reducing Risk of Dementia

New App Predicts Future Climate Out to 2070

A brew of ancient coca is Bolivia’s buzzy new beer. But it’s unclear if the world will buy in

Over 4,000 residents flee a town in southern Mexico after armed gangs start shooting, burn homes

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