June 14, 2022

The earthquake happening on Wall Street is indicative of only one thing — we are so globally interconnected that those who profess isolationism, as a way to ‘self-preserve’, are way too late; Don’t understand why Wall Street refers to the stock market as a bear market? Check out this handy guide; Ukrainians still need to raise money for weapons and some creative soldiers just ‘launched’ a genius Instagram campaign; The Supreme Court just did something (else) that critics say further erodes trust in this venerable institution; There’s actually a study that proves your political party can predict your mortality; There are 33 large wildfires raging across the country; And a group of innovative Honduran women are overcoming life’s biggest challenges to not only survive, but thrive. Go beyond the headlines…

Wall Street slips into a bear market; here’s what that means

Ukrainians Will Write Your Message on Munitions Aimed at Russians for Donations

The Supreme Court saved a man from execution in 2020. It just took that back.

The ‘mortality gap’ between Republican and Democratic counties is widening, study says. Here’s why.

Immigrants are only 3.5% of people worldwide – and their negative impact is often exaggerated, in the U.S. and around the world

33 large wildfires rage across 5 U.S. states

Report: Antarctic is changing dramatically, with global consequences

Grainery is a New Instagram-Inspired App for Film Photographers

Judge confirms ban against bullfights at Mexico City bullring

Sweet as a nut: Hondurans fight drought and poverty with cashews

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