June 13, 2024

Many of us are lucky that when we go to vote, we only have to show our ID or voter’s card to be handed a ballot. However, there are some blatant attempts around the country where the local GOP don’t want registered Democrats, or those whom they think fit that political profile, to cast their voice. So, they may not just require a photo ID but proof of citizenship. Do you routinely carry your birth certificate or even have a passport to prove you’re a citizen? You’re not alone if you say WTF; War’s toll on the children goes without saying. One doctor revealed the full impact on Ukrainian children, and it’s not pretty; Here’s a riddle: Why is it that women outnumber men walking across those college stages but their earning power still doesn’t improve?; and Did the ancient Maya sacrifice young girls, babies or captors in war? New research reveals a totally unexpected finding. Go beyond the headlines…

1 in 10 Eligible Voters Can’t Easily Provide Proof of Citizenship, New Survey Reveals

‘Alarming’ Impact of Putin’s Invasion on Ukraine’s Children Revealed

Oklahoma law permits students to miss class for religious instruction

While women outnumber men on campus, their later earnings remain stuck

Paris 2024 Olympics to debut high-level breakdancing – and physics in action

Study confirms the rotation of Earth’s inner core has slowed

Who were the victims of Maya sacrifice? Ancient DNA reveals an unexpected finding

App encourages greener employee travel

Widespread outage hits Puerto Rico as customers demand ouster of private electric company

Women translators lead Latin America literary boom

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