June 14, 2024

Forget the polls, surveys and on-the-street interviews trying to gauge voter sentiment for the November presidential election. The only thing needed is to see what issues are on the ballot, namely abortion. If so, then the odds are pretty good that turnout will be high in those states, at least according to a(nother) survey; Hamas never sounded like an organized, well-oiled group beyond their attack on October 7. The trouble with any group fueled by ideology, or cultish adoration for their leader, is that embedded within it are factions that aren’t devout followers. They tend to go rogue from the ‘party’ line and act according to their own belief system. So, it’s not surprising when a Hamas official claimed something that many hoped wasn’t true; Staying out in the sun, without proper protection, has always been a risk but now doctors are finding more evidence that the sun is not our friend; A Harvard researcher released a study that got buried in this week’s news coverage. He proposes something that academics, skeptical media and wary Pentagon and NASA officials don’t like to talk about; What if we could wear clothes that actually cool us in scorching heat?; Resale, thrift stores and garage sales have always been around in our lifetime. The fact that money can be made from doing it with our own things we’ve outgrown use for has always been known. Yet, the reason why most of us don’t do it is because of the hassle of getting our stuff together and prepping it for sale. Now, there’s an app that makes reselling our belongings way easier so we can reap the profits sooner. Go beyond the headlines…

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