June 15, 2023

Whether it’s the residual effects of forced isolation from Covid, rising global tensions, the uncertain economy, social media negativity or…something is rocketing the rate of suicides and homicides among young people; The drone footage is dramatic. A Russian soldier surrenders to a Ukrainian drone. His heartbreaking story as to why explains it all; AI is known to have deep flaws in biases. There’s a way to detect it; Researchers find an overlooked correlation with COVID mortality rates and your finances; and Archeologists in Peru make an(other) outstanding mummy discovery. Go beyond the headlines…

Suicides and homicides among youths reaches 20-year high

A Russian draftee says he surrendered to a Ukrainian drone after 2 wounded comrades killed themselves, leaving him alone and under fire on the front lines

Biden administration punts on granting work papers to migrants

Women of Color Face Twice the Online Abuse from Incels, Study Finds

The meteorologist telling Congress about climate change

AI automated discrimination. Here’s how to spot it.

Access to financial services linked to lower COVID mortality rates

Attorneys Turned Advocates for Early Childhood Financial Education Create New App

Archaeologists in Peru find 3,000 year-old mummy in Lima

Mexico’s Modelo brand becomes top-selling beer in US

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