June 17, 2024

Common fodder to keep conspiracy enthusiasts in tow is to talk about a shift happening in the world. Whether you call it a ‘spiritual awakening’ or the dawn of ‘far-right,’ both signal a shift in thinking and empathy. Otherwise, how can it be explained that a new poll ‘says’ the majority of Hispanics favor a definite Trumpian immigration tactic and European youth are increasingly embracing the same; The indiscriminate bombing of Gaza, in search of Hamas, has done more than just kill innocent men, women and children and it’s up to the media and the rest of the world to not forget; At one time, the US was ahead of the developed countries and considered the ‘superpower’ country. However, a new report comparing nuclear power between China and the US shows a very different reality; Scientists discovered the reason why some people live longer than the rest of us; and A new therapy trend is reconnecting Mexican families. Go beyond the headlines…

Majority of Hispanics Now Favor Mass Deportation

The war in Gaza has wiped out entire Palestinian families. AP documents 60 who lost dozens or more

US as many as 15 years behind China on nuclear power, report says

Soaring insurance rates send more people shopping for deals

More than 171,000 people traveled out-of-state for abortions last year

An earthquake changed the course of the Ganges: Could it happen again?

The Blood of Exceptionally Long-Lived People Reveals Crucial Differences

Black founders are creating tailored ChatGPTs for a more personalized experience

The alternative Machu Picchu: a hike to find the ‘real’ lost world of the Incas

How a new therapy trend is helping Mexican families reconnect

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