June 16, 2023

Is COVID-19 eradicated? No, not as long as it has the power to mutate into variances but the good news is that over 96% of Americans now have more protection than before; Zelensky made a dire prediction for the US that is so on target; Economists know the economy is heading towards trouble when this retailer predicts lower earnings — and it just did; So, the US government accidentally discovered something more formidable than a physical border wall to deter undocumented migration; and Mexico is home to 1,200 species of a very special plant. Go beyond the headlines…

96.4% of Americans had COVID-19antibodies in their blood by fall 2022

Zelensky: Ukrainian loss could force US to choose between ‘collapse of NATO’ or war

11 years of Dreamers

What the Dollar stores’ stumbles say about the US economy

June temperatures briefly passed key climate threshold. Scientists expect more such spikes

Study Finds That Eating Meals Earlier Improves Metabolic Health

Scientists Discover ‘Anomalies’ Deep Under the Surface of Mars

The new US border wall is an app

Outrage in Guatemala as crusading journalist given six-year prison term

Beyond vanilla: Mexico home to 1,200 species of orchids

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