June 16, 2020

For some, racism is a tangible reality. For others, it’s a nebulous concept. It depends on your personal experience, circle of friends, attitude towards diversity and inclusion, among other factors, that dictate whether or not you believe racism is reality or myth. Yet, so many of us feel powerless when it comes to recognizing what is systemic racism and how to root it out. Luckily, some smart people know how to start; The Supreme Court just sided with immigration activists in Round One of several showdown court battles; So much emphasis has been placed on tearing down Confederate-glorifying statues but New Mexican activists are battling another category of statues with oppressive legacies; and Mexican archeologists just discovered this 2,000-year-old timeless artifact. Go beyond the headlines…

What is systemic racism? Here’s what it means and how you can help dismantle it

Supreme Court denies petition to hear ‘sanctuary’ case

Activists take aim at statues of Spanish conqueror Juan de Oñate

To advance diversity in startup world, National Venture Capital Association launches new nonprofit

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What is a derecho? An atmospheric scientist explains these rare but dangerous storm systems

Brazilian Amazon deforestation hits new record in May

NYC’s Museum of Natural History is giving away its new science app for the iPad

Coronavirus: What are the numbers out of Latin America?

Mexico Registers Petroglyph Used as Stone-Map Some 2,000 Years Ago

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