June 18, 2024

A college degree doesn’t guarantee success but, according to a survey, it’s a pretty good indicator for future success for one particular group of students; Thailand gains the distinction of being the first Southeast Asian country to pass legislation recognizing something that many other countries long ago passed into law; Tomorrow is the federal holiday Juneteenth, but not all states treat it like a public holiday. Just look at the map; One segment of the labor force report they have the worst pay and well-being compared to a similar working population — and it’s easy to see why; We love our avocados but we may see less of the green game-day fruit after US inspectors stopped working because of something Mexico fails to control. Go beyond the headlines…

DACA plus college degree a formula for financial success: Survey

Thailand to be first Southeast Asian country to recognise same-sex marriage

Biden immigration rule would protect undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens from deportation

The US economy is headed into a corporate bankruptcy cycle that will spike unemployment, veteran forecaster says

Map Shows States Where Juneteenth Is Recognized as a Public Holiday

Teachers report worse pay and well-being compared to similar working population

Ancient Sea Reptile Fossil Discovered In New Zealand Rewrites Evolutionary History

Search Start-up Perplexity now displays results for temperature, currency conversion and simple math, so you don’t have to use Google

US avocado inspectors stop work in Mexican state over ‘security situation’

Honduras to build 20,000-inmate ‘megaprison’ as part of gang crackdown

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