June 24, 2024

Have Americans lost our ‘pioneer spirit’? Collins Dictionary defines pioneer spirit as “a willingness to endure hardship in order to explore new places or try out new things.” Don’t get me wrong. Our sense of adventure is still intact. Look how quickly we’ve adopted Generative AI to complete little daily tasks or have been ditching our TV cable services for streaming. It’s only when things get tough, or things don’t work as we expect them to, that we are as quick to abandon as we were to adopt. Case in point: electric vehicles (EV). Everyone (should) realize that the EV industry is in its infancy. The network of charging stations is only being built and expanded as people buying them increase. Imagine when the telephone wires were strung across the country and the time it took to erect the poles just to expand the capability of this new technology. What would have happened had our grandparents decided telephones weren’t worth having because of the wait to make it truly practical? Because the EV industry is just, basically, a start-up, it’s natural there would be growing pains. For instance, we’re learning more about how extreme temperatures affect EVs. No doubt, there’s a remedy, modification or solution to the issue. As more people report what happens to their cars, the better engineers can address it. Unlike the vast network of telephone poles criss-crossing our nation, the EV industry is actually good for the country and the environment. The planet is getting hotter. Scientists say that in only 24 years, heat waves in North America have become 1.4 degrees hotter. The increase in heat is fueled, in part, by driving our gas-guzzling cars. Knowing that EVs could actually save the planet should be reason enough to embrace our ancestors’ pioneering spirit, but sadly no. A new survey of EV owners underscores just how wimpish we’ve become as trailblazers; After firing and killing more innocent Gaza victims over the weekend, Israel’s Netanyahu is finally ready to commit to winding down the killing — only to warn of another war on another of Israel’s borders; It’s crazy to think that Trump claims the US economy was so much better off when he was in the White House — and people nod along with him like mindless bobbing heads. If they would think for themselves, and remember, they would see that wasn’t the case. In fact, a new analysis finds Trump much more dangerous to the national debt than Biden has ever been; and MAGA-minded state legislatures are ruining their states with draconian laws. The latest is in South Carolina where the future of school libraries may be at risk. Go beyond the headlines…

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