June 22, 2020

#FindVanessaGuillen: It was heralded as Trump’s triumphant return to the campaign trail but Saturday night’s Tulsa rally was anything but what was expected by Trump. Trump expected to see a million of his most deluded admirers and he got a little over 6,000. Since then, different theories have been floated as to what happened, with the most plausible (to us), being that many registrants were no-shows who had no intention of showing up. While it was a good exercise in humiliating Trump, he’s not the kind of guy who retreats and licks his wounds. He’s Vindictive and the backlash from him may only be starting: Trump just directed DHS to “restart” dismantling the lifeline for these recipients; Trump plans to hold a celebration marking a milestone important to his base; An analysis of 20 big city police rules reveal how far short they fall from human rights law; and Scientists find that teens are biologically impacted growing up in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Go beyond the headlines…

Top DHS official: Trump instructed agency to ‘restart the DACA process’

Trump to mark completion of border wall’s 200th mile

What the Supreme Court’s DACA ruling means for undocumented students and the colleges and universities they attend

In 20 big cities, police rules fall short of human rights law

An 18-year-old Latino man shot and killed by a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy. His family is looking for justice

Survey: Most Americans Are Feeling Anxious About Their Money

Adolescents From Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Show Gene Regulation Differences

A ‘Glassdoor’ for the minority workforce

Hungry neighbors cook together as virus roils Latin America

Iconic Amazon indigenous chief dies with coronavirus

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