June 23, 2020

#FindVanessaGuillen. The Trump administration will be remembered in history as abandoning action dictated by sound policy to executing reckless actions based entirely on racism, prejudice, discrimination — and little regard to the legality, personal consequences or long-term fiscal impact. So, it’s no wonder that a judge ruled in favor of the latest lawsuit against Trump administration; With so many people still not receiving their paychecks or full checks, a basic necessity is becoming unaffordable for millions; What is going on? Why are more young Latinos being diagnosed with blood cancers? and In one Mexican town, tortillas take on a festive ‘flavor.’ Go beyond the headlines…

A Judge Ruled The Trump Administration Must Face A Lawsuit Over Denying Coronavirus Checks To Undocumented Parents

Revealed: millions of Americans can’t afford water as bills rise 80% in a decade

As Trump visits wall, fears at the border with uptick in coronavirus cases

Initial COVID-19 Infection Rate in U.S. May Be 80 Times Greater Than Originally Reported

Study Finds Hispanics Diagnosed with Blood Cancers at Younger Age

More Covid cases in nursing homes with 3 factors

See ‘The Last Supper’ in a New High-Resolution Scan Online

Heading Outdoors for a Socially Distant Getaway? Try These Apps

The Tortilla-Making Women of Teopisca, Mexico’s Colored-Corn Town

11 startups in Uruguay to keep an eye on in 2020

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