June 26, 2020

#FindVanessGuillen. Trump is trying to regain his campaigning mojo but the depth of his racism and his ‘white-privilege’ cruelty is being exposed like no other time. For example, just as Obamacare (ACA) enrollment stands at 46%, Trump is begging the Supreme Court to do away with Obamacare though he has nothing to replace it to help people; Now police brutality towards Latinos is on full & public display; Everybody has access to green spaces, right? Think again; and Chilean teachers take education on the road. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump undercuts his own campaign’s minority outreach

Many Latinos Couldn’t Stay Home. Now Virus Cases Are Soaring

Latino man’s death in Tucson fuels debate over police brutality on Hispanics

The US military will stay on the US-Mexico border, even with migration falling

ACA (Obamacare) enrollment up 46% due to coronavirus job losses

Obamacare Must ‘Fall,’ Trump Administration Tells Supreme Court

Calling out white people for sexism can cut racism, too

To boldly go: NASA launches Lunar Loo challenge

Income, Race Are Associated With Disparities In Access To Green Spaces

Students develop new contact tracing app to reduce the spread of COVID-19

US adds Nicaragua to human trafficking blacklist

No internet, no problem: Teachers in Chile take class to students

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