June 29, 2020

#FindVanessaGuillen. As the nation hurdles towards the November 2020 presidential election, Trump’s presidency is unraveling with each new report emerging underscoring his incompetence, corruption, nepotism and, of course, his racism and narcissism. So, he is fighting back the only way he knows how and it could make a difference; Police departments are listening to protesters and have already started enacting some reforms; Recruiting Latinos and Blacks to a profession underrepresented by minorities; and An ingenious way to get us all to wash our hands for a full 30 seconds. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump’s attacks seen undercutting confidence in 2020 vote

Democrats release bilingual ads on police reform bill

Joaquin Castro Calls Police Violence A Major, If Underreported, Problem For Latinos

The major police reforms that have been enacted since George Floyd’s death

U.S. doctor shortage worsens as efforts to recruit Black and Latino students stall

Black, Hispanic and white adults feel the news media misunderstand them, but for very different reasons

Most white parents don’t talk about racism with their kids

30-second soap made to last just long enough to be effective against COVID-19

Ancient Maya reservoirs contained toxic pollution: study

Top Brazil newspaper in pro-democracy drive as unease grows about Bolsonaro

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