June 27, 22

National polling reports that the majority of Americans disagree with the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling, and many fear other precedent court cases upholding or strengthening individual rights and liberties will also be targeted by a court that many are starting to see as extremist and ruling on ideology rather than law; In the meantime, the economy is tightening and this week economists will be reading the recession signs; A national push to grow and nurture the Latino teacher pipeline; Fascinating discovery of when breast cancer cells spread; and One in 5 people in the US are said to be caregivers. I can imagine that the number is higher among Latinos. Caregiving can be rewarding but totally exhausting, stressful and isolating. Now, there’s an app to create a more supportive caregiving network. Go beyond the headlines…

The Supreme Court has chipped away at the Voting Rights Act for 9 years. This case could be the next blow.

All the recession warning signs this week

Poll: Majorities oppose Supreme Court’s abortion ruling and worry about other rights

Zelenskyy asks G-7 leaders for more sanctions, security guarantees and anti-aircraft defense systems as Russia attacks key cities

Push Is on to Grow and Nurture Latino Teacher Pipeline

Breast cancer cells spread during sleep

New study solves long-standing mystery of what may have triggered ice age

New app cares for the caregivers

In a tiny Jalisco, Mexico village, an enormous prehistoric palace is slowly uncovered

New Colombian president pledges to protect rainforest

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