June 28, 2023

Remember those nightmarish days when the whole world snickered and ridiculed (the) US for electing Donald Trump president? Who among us didn’t cringe at the sight of our president elbowing his way past world leaders to be in the front of a group picture? A new survey of international views reveals a marked shift (thankfully); Chatter among UFO advocates is that the government is on the verge of revealing more (than they ever thought they would have to), especially since the number of whistleblowers revealing the existence of secret government UFO retrieval programs — using taxpayer money under Congress’ nose — is making both lawmakers and the government look bad; If your budget is tight but you’re still dreaming of summer fun, one financial columnist has a few ideas to help out; Psychologists created a special trauma therapy for Ukrainian children suffering from the Russian invasion. It’s a treatment program that psychologists say can benefit all kids around the world; and Whether it’s counting calories or watching what we eat, both are hard to do and enjoy life. A new app wants to bring joy back into our restrictive eating habits and makes both tasks as easy as ‘snapping’ a picture. Go beyond the headlines…

Supreme Court makes it more difficult to convict someone of making a threat

International Views of Biden and U.S. Largely Positive

Congress doubles down on explosive claims of illegal UFO retrieval programs

How to have a fun summer when your finances fall short

Trauma-focused therapy helps Ukrainian children besieged by war – clinical psychologist explains how it could bring resilience to kids around the world

Yes, removing groundwater is changing Earth’s tilt

New study reveals best words for brand slogans

Smartphone app calculates calories in any meal by scanning a photo

Amazon facing ‘urgent’ drug crisis after gutting of protections, says narcotics chief

Mexican beer makers are using bugs to supplement barley

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