June 29, 2023

The threat of the pandemic killing thousands indiscriminately may be (largely) over but the US is facing another threat that is only growing in intensity, taking more lives on a daily basis — and is totally preventable! Gun violence. While a few loud-mouthed gun rights screamers conflate the Second Amendment with common sense, the rest of the country is quickly tiring of the senseless bloodshed; It’s too easy to forget Puerto Rico. Like the unwanted stepchild, Puerto Rico has to fight for every ounce of attention from its colonial parent. This week is no different. Hundreds took to the streets to protest something that would have been addressed by Washington, in some fashion; Think you know which demographic groups are the fastest growing?; A survey of Mexican migrants found what the average payment to smugglers is and it’s a lost opportunity for the Mexican economy and migrants themselves; And a new app connects people to the Bible without the Internet. Go beyond the headlines…

Gun Violence Widely Viewed as a Major – and Growing – National Problem

Hundreds in Puerto Rico protest proposed increase in electricity bills

America’s fastest-growing demographic groups

How book bans threaten democracy

The Federal Reserve thinks catastrophe is coming for US businesses

Symphony of Most Powerful Gravitational Waves Ever Discovered By Scientists

New Hair Loss Drug Approved: Restores 80% of Hair Loss In Some Alopecia Patients

4 Million People Nourished by Scripture with New App

Survey finds Mexican migrants pay average of US $7,000 to ‘coyotes’

Progressive party stages surprise upset in Guatemala elections

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