June 3, 2020

As the criminal element hiding among protesters is being weeded out and more police forces are changing their approach towards peaceful protesters, awareness, dialogue and action are in the baby steps towards meaningful change in this country. Yet, Trump, in his quest to idolize his friends Putin and Kim Jong Un, struts and spews commands as if the US is an authoritarian country. Ignoring the pleas of religious leaders, state governors and political and community leaders to stop inflaming the country, Trump continues — and it’s having an impact, but not like he expects: A known racist Iowa political candidate loses re-election bid and former members of Bush administration form a pro-Biden super PAC; Elsewhere in the news: A certain word is making a comeback, and it’s more powerful than ever; and App developers just enabled Siri to be a ‘silent witness’ to police brutality. Go beyond the headlines…

Iowa Republican congressman with history of racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric defeated in primary

Bush administration alums form pro-Biden super PAC

The DEA Has Been Given Permission To Investigate People Protesting George Floyd’s Death

Veterans Affairs to remove Nazi headstones in Texas, Utah

11 movies that confront American racism

Move over Marvel: migrant workers star as superheroes in Latino comic book

The word bigot is back. Here’s why it’s so powerful

Pulled over while connected: Siri can quietly video record the police

Mexican zoo saves animals endangered by virus crisis

Costa Rican Legislative Assembly observes minute of silence in memory of George Floyd

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