June 4, 2020

Cracks in the GOP force field protecting Trump from criticism, fact-checks and the truth are deepening. More Republicans, appalled at his use of force against peacefully protesting Americans and his volatile, divisive race-baiting rhetoric, are speaking out. Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis penned an op-ed openly rebuking Trump. Devout GOP-lifers are creating initiatives and super PACS to help Biden defeat who they feel is the biggest disgrace to their party and an extreme threat to the US Constitution. And there’s more hope. You may not have noticed that women candidates of color in Tuesday’s state primaries posted significant historical wins; And others are speaking out too: former EPA employees just released a report chronicling the Trump administration’s actions on helping corporate America and dooming our environment; and Latino and Black neighbors are joining together to denounce hate. Go beyond the headlines…

Historic Wins for Women of Color as Nation Protests Systemic Racism

Former employees critique EPA under Trump in new report

Low-wage essential workers get less protection against coronavirus – and less information about how it spreads

Trump’s troubles grow, spread

Latino And Black Leaders Unite Across Neighborhoods To Denounce Hate: ‘We’re Stronger Together’

Lin-Manuel Miranda Documentary Postponed Out of Solidarity With Protesters

Asteroid that may be the size of Empire State Building to zoom past Earth

From Citizen to Signal, the most popular apps right now reflect America’s protests

Mexico overtakes U.S. coronavirus daily deaths, sets records

Life Without Running Water: Venezuela’s New Normal

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