June 3, 2021

Climate change is accelerating the deterioration of our glaciers, cropland, water supplies, air quality, etc. That’s Mother Nature, with help from us. However, human indifference is guilty of all the rest: Many U.S. schools found to be suffering from ‘Third World’ conditions; Texas GOP continues Trump assault on migrant children; NFL finally woke up when it comes to assessing brain injuries in players; and All eyes on Mexico and Peru politics this weekend as election outcomes could chart a different course for each country. Go beyond the headlines…

COVID-19 cases hit lowest point in U.S. since pandemic began

Texas push to close shelters for migrant kids alarms groups

The NFL Will Stop Assuming Racial Differences When Assessing Brain Injuries

Schools across the U.S. plagued with ‘Third World’ issues, local officials and experts say

Humans may have set foot on North America way earlier than thought

World’s Lakes Losing Oxygen Rapidly as Planet Warms

Hands-Only CPR Training Could Save More Latino Lives

New stock trading app focuses on creating truly commission-free app

Mexican president insists there’s ‘peace and tranquility’ as election violence worst in history

Peru’s elite in panic at prospect of hard-left victory in presidential election

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