June 3, 2024

Though Mexico has elected its first female president – which is sending shivers through people, and financial markets, who foresee a continuation of leftist dismantling of the country’s democratic institutions — China is the country commanding attention this morning. Aside from landing a spacecraft on the far side of the moon, China appears to be getting more aggressive in their attacks on peace initiatives around the world; A new study finds that same-sex marriage actually has no negative effects; Which states have the highest gun death rates?; and Why is the planet heating up so quickly these days? Climatologists think they know what’s to blame. Go beyond the headlines…

Study: Same-sex marriage in 20 years had no negative effects

Mexico elects Claudia Sheinbaum as first woman president in landslide

Senate to vote on ‘right to contraception’ bill

What are Americans’ biggest misconceptions on the US economy?

Map Shows Which States Have The Highest Rates of Firearm Deaths

China lands a spacecraft on the moon’s far side to collect rocks for study

Cutting pollution from the shipping industry accidentally increased global warming, study suggests

A new dating app for Jewish singles from Matzoball founder

A farm in Bolivia’s Andean plains grapples with hotter climate

Zelenskyy accuses China of pressuring other countries not to attend upcoming Ukraine peace talks

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