June 30, 2020

#FindVanessaGuillen. It’s been more than two months since Army soldier Vanessa Guillen disappeared under mysterious circumstances at Fort Hood, Texas. With no sign of her, foul play is suspected. The seemingly slow actions of military officials to take up the case of Vanessa angers not only her family and friends but Latinos nationwide. So much so, that the president of LULAC just issued an unusual warning to young US Latinas; Think nothing worse could be found out about Trump? According to Politico, there are six more bombshells waiting to explode; and Scientists are raising yet another worthy alarm that begs for global attention and action. Go beyond the headlines…

Young people of color more likely to be hospitalized for coronavirus

LULAC president urges Latinas not to join the military after the disappearance of Vanessa Guillen

Federal Court In Wisconsin Upholds Voting Restrictions Favored By Republicans

The 6 Trump Bombshells Still Waiting to Explode

Scholarships Will Support Black and Hispanic Psychology Students

Making people aware of their implicit biases doesn’t usually change minds. But here’s what does work

South Pole warming three times faster than rest of Earth: study

Coronavirus: NASA invented a wearable that reminds you not to touch your face

Hip hop, funk helping to spread Covid-19 awareness in Brazilian favela

Mexican musician’s efforts introduce rural children to the performing arts

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