June 8, 2022

On Thursday evening, the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol will televise their hearings during Primetime. After reviewing mountains of evidence and talking to the many players who were on the frontlines of that shameful attempt to overturn the 2020 election in Trump’s favor, committee members are said to be shaking with how close we came to losing our democracy on that day. As a result, US federal law enforcement foresee a replay of that event heading into the midterms. If we value our democracy, we owe it to ourselves to watch these proceedings and vote in the midterms. Our future literally depends on it; What are the five biggest Supreme Court cases to watch; Latino Democrats are getting into the radio business; It’s common knowledge how much violent crime exists in Mexico and authorities turn a blind eye to it. Why? Well, a journalist just uncovered new evidence that may explain it all; and Need a book to escape the horrible news of the day but too overwhelmed with so many on the market? There’s an app for that. Go beyond the headlines…

How to watch the House Jan. 6 committee public hearing

US sees heightened extremist threat heading into midterms

Five biggest Supreme Court cases to watch

Changes are coming to school meals nationwide – an expert in food policy explains

Group of Spanish radio stations are being sold to a new democratic Latino group

Plastic Food Packaging Can Contain Hundreds of Chemicals That Cause Cancer, Infertility: Study

New Study Finds Weight Bias Pervasive Across Racial And Ethnic Groups

New App Aims to Improve Book Discovery

Journalist finds evidence of narco-pact between Sinaloa Cartel and Mexican president’s Morena party

Colombia shares unprecedented images of treasure-laden wreck

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